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The story begins in Monte Carlo, Misiones, Argentina, a colony at that time of mostly German immigrant inhabitants, who had come in search of land for cultivation, to which they devoted themselves exhaustively. The plantations were essentially corn, tobacco, manioc and in 1926 yerba mate began to be cultivated.

The only means of communication at the beginning of the century was the Paraná River, and barges were the only means to travel to the cities and transport the products that the inhabitants produced and required.

The marketing of crops became increasingly difficult and, tired of the abuses of intermediaries and the cost of consumer items, the farmers decided to join forces on July 24, 1930 under cooperative principles, understanding that this was the only way. in order to progress.

Thus they founded the Monte Carlo Mixed Agricultural Cooperative Limited. For this purpose, priority was given to building and organizing a general store and then the yerba mate drying room. Since then, and thanks to the values ​​of our ancestors, our institution proudly practices the principles of Cooperation.

Today the Monte Carlo Mixed Agricultural Cooperative Limited has more than 800 active members, the vast majority of them small producers. Its fundamental activities are the production, processing and marketing of yerba mate and cassava starch; although it also owns supermarkets and service stations, and is dedicated to the collection and marketing of wood for the cellulose pulp industries. He is also a sales agent for one of the most important insurance companies in the country.

Aguantadora Mate Cocido S/Sobre

Ideal infusion for breakfast, snack or at any time. 25 unwrapped sachets of 3 grams each.

Mate de Acero Laqueado Aguantadora

Stainless steel mate with a delicate design, white, commemorating the 85 years of Aguantadora.

Yerba Mate Aguantadora Sin Palo 500g

Its intensity stands out due to the absence of sticks in its content, this makes it especially nutritious, energizing and vigorous. It is parked in specially prepared tanks for 18 months, thus achieving the desired natural maturation. The best companion for work people with intense energy expenditure, the one chosen by men in the Argentine countryside. WITHOUT CT.

Yerba Mate Pampa BCP 500g

Yerba Mate PAMPA BCP (Low Powder Content).

Premium quality.

Coarse grinding with dust content less than 10%.

SMOOTH and LONG-LASTING flavor throughout the barleys. Pleasant to the palate, easy to drink, due to its grinding the water flows easily.

Excellent aroma.

Long natural parking.

Made under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards in a certified establishment.

Natural, superior and controlled parking time in special tanks. In this case, the evolution of the flavor of the raw material is monitored, in other words, the time is defined by the sensory analyzes that we do in our laboratory.

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