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We are an accredited and internationally recognized Conformity Assessment Body, since 1999 serving the Industry.

Our areas:

  • Certification Body
  • Inspection Body
  • Testing Laboratory
  • Calibrations Laboratory
  • Industrial services

Made up of highly trained and specialized professionals, we have focused on services related to quality, safety and protection of people and the environment in the world.

LENOR actively participates in National and International Conformity Assessment Systems, being a member of:

  • IAAC Inter American Accreditation Cooperation
  • FONSE National Electrical Safety Forum
  • CONSE National Electrical Safety Council (Argentina)
  • MERCOSUR Sub Group 3 (Conformity Assessment)
  • Pan American Committee on Technical Standards (COPANT) Energy Efficiency
  • Regulatory and Normative Technical Committees in Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil and Bolivia
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Pre-shipment inspection

We observe, measure and document the real state of the merchandise, allowing us to correct manufacturing defects and finishes. Random sampling on a determined lot, applying an efficient technical plan according to the requirements of each product. We guarantee supplier compliance with each shipment, avoiding profitability losses. Plan adaptable to the requirements of each client. The reports are delivered with enough time for the client to approve or not the shipment.

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