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Since our beginnings in 1966, respect for QUALITY has been the guiding concept of our activities, which has been clearly reflected in the rapid acceptance that CHINFIELD Veterinary Specialties have obtained in the country and abroad.

This founding principle has allowed us to develop a wide line of specific products, which today enjoy a well-earned prestige among breeders and professionals who care for highly competitive and working horses, many of these products being true “classics” in the daily clinic with these animals, in Argentina and in many other countries in America, Africa and the Middle East.


Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory

FLUNIFIELD (flunixin) is a powerful non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) with analgesic and antipyretic activity. NSAIDs are compounds that inhibit one or more of the inflammation processes, inhibiting the metabolism of arachidonic acid in one or more steps. It is recommended to reduce inflammation and pain associated with musculoskeletal disorders and to relieve pain from spasms (colic) of the gastrointestinal tract. It is a powerful analgesic that is very useful for controlling visceral pain. In addition, it has been given anti-endotoxic activity.

Yodacalcio MG

Mineral-vitamin supplement

Important mineral contribution for the normal functioning of the different systems of the body with essential trace elements, reinforced by a high concentration of Magnesium, which makes it a product of choice in those areas where this deficiency becomes particularly important, especially in cases of acute manifestations. . It has a positive impact on the intermediate metabolism, maximizing the use of the nutrients contained in the diet. YODACALCIO MG® promotes weight gain, favors reproductive processes, growth and weight gain.

Yodacalcio B12 D

Mineral-vitamin complex

The benefits of a correct balance and mineral intake for the normal functioning of the different systems of the body are well known. Its composition has a high impact on the efficiency of intermediate metabolism, maximizing the use of the nutrients contained in the animal's diet. IODACALCIO B12 D® is an association of calcium with trace elements (copper, cobalt, iron, iodine, phosphorus) and vitamin D2 and B12 for the treatment of deficiency states in cattle. IODACALCIO B12 D® promotes weight gain, resistance to diseases, pregnancy rate, and promotes growth.

Aminoacidos Vit

Association of amino acids, vitamins and minerals in solution

Maintaining a positive protein balance is of fundamental importance for animal health. For the replacement of catabolized tissue proteins, the formation of certain essential hormones and enzymes, the integration of detoxification mechanisms, immunity, and acid-base balance, a minimum protein intake is an essential condition to avoid exposing the animal to pathological processes. serious VIT AMINOACIDS provides the essential amino acids to maintain or restore the adequate protein level, the essential vitamins for their use and the electrolytes necessary to ensure isotony.

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